Non Probability Sampling Method

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Subject: Research Methodology

Topic: Probability and Non-probability Sample Method

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The assignment gives the idea about the definition of probability and non-probability sampling methods and their types and also discusses about which method is preferred to in research and why that method is taken.
Definition of Probability
Probability is a way of conveying information or belief in different manner about an event that will occur or has occurred.
What is sampling?
Sampling is all about selecting
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Quota sampling:
In quota sampling, you select people non- randomly according to some fixed quota. A quota sample a type of non-probability sample in which the researcher selects people according to some fixed quota. There are two types of quota sampling: proportional and non-proportional. The quota sample is where sample are selected depend on the fixed quota in non-random way. Sample is selected from units on the basis of pre-specified characteristics and that leads to the total sample to be of same distribution of characteristics assumed to present in the population that is taken for study.
Example for Quota Sampling
Let’s say that we want to understand more about the major crop of farmer in a village X. It wants to look at the different major crops between different farmers in terms of caste. The village X has 20,000. It needs to find out how the populations of 20,000 farmers are distributed among the four castes that we are interested in. If we discover that there are 6000 SC farmers (30%), 5000 OBC farmers (25%), 5,000 General Merit farmers (25%), and 4,000 ST farmers (20%), it means that our sample must also meet these quantities. If the sample of 1,000 students, this says that the survey of 300 SC farmers, 250 OBC farmers, and General merit is 250 and 200 is ST farmers. It would then continue to randomly select these students for the final
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Example for snowball sample
This sample is used to study the HIV/AIDS patients about their socio-economical problem they face and sample can be achieved by using the snowball samples.
More preferred sampling method
The research method is Probability Sampling Method.
The reason for Probability sampling method is more preferred is as follows:
• Probability sampling method is independent of existence of detailed information about the universe for its effectiveness.
• The method provides the approximations that are essentially unbiased and have calculable precision.
• This method helps in evaluating the relative efficiency various sample designs.
• Probability sampling is useful for studying units of both similar and different samples within a group.
• Random types of probability sampling allow for the elimination of any possible conscious or inherent bias in those conducting the study as the samples are selected at random.
• Probability sampling is useful in learning where full representation of a group is