Nonmodifiable Risk Factors For Chronic Diseases

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Some nonmodifiable risk factors that contribute to common chronic diseases include age, race & ethnicity. Even gender and family history. Risk factors are known to run in families. My grandmother and aunt which is a member of my immediate and extended family has heart disease and diabetes. I know that my chances of developing those conditions increases as well. Diagnosis of a chronic disease is a life-changing experience. Especially knowing that you may be at risk for it also. They all found out really early in their middle school or high school years, which leads me to believe that it maybe had skipped me. But you never know. My mom and dad are completely healthy and never really have gotten sick. Hopefully I turn out to be as lucky as them. • Describe the major characteristics of your preferred learning style?

-I like to use visuals in my notes, such as timeline, charts, and graphs. When taking notes I like to draw pictures to illustrate the main topics. Picturing things in my mind helps me know exactly what I am looking for in the subject I am learning.

• List at least three study strategies and techniques you have or will use during this course to increase your effectiveness?
-Visual learning: by this being an online class I have to use my visual concept to picture everything. Any subject that I take up, I will have to browser the website looking for resources to help, and or even if I am just visualizing things that I read from my online text book.
-interpersonal learning: by working in online study groups which are known as the chat area. Getting different students point of view from all around the world will have a tremendous effect on the way that I think. Working in groups will broaden my thinking skills because of the different opinions and suggestions they have to offer.