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The effects of violent video games on teenager
Nicole Tran
Advanced composition class

Living is the life that people can enjoy a lot of things. Playing the video games is one of the ways to enjoy it. Nowadays, video games are becoming a popular form of entertainment because the excitement and attraction they bring to players. However, it is better not to allow teenager to play violent games because of the negative effects it has on them. One of the negative effects of playing violent video game is they affect teenager’s behavior. Most of the teenager who playing the violent video games will become violent because when they were playing, the imaginary world interacted with their mind, so as much as they play, they will have more illusion that they live in the real world through their character. Furthermore, playing video game cause unsociability on teenager. They will easy to get angry such as have an argument with another people or fighting anybody who yell at them. Not only get angry but also they do not want to communicate with society, they isolate themselves in their world and their thinking. According to Gentile & Anderson (2003) that the violent acts in that game are continually repeated throughout the video game when they playing, which increase aggressive behavior. Continually repeating something is considered an effective teaching to memorize, so it becoming their routine in their mind and link to their behavior. Another negative effect of playing violent video games is that it creates health issues. In fact, sitting in front of the computer or using any devices for a long time will causes the eyes-issues. Playing video games means that they need to defeat the enemy and improve their level as fast as they can, so they not have enough sleep which relate to decrease the eyesight or even become a shortsighted person. Moreover, teenager will have a delicate constitution if they…