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What is cyber defamation?

Defamation is where a person intentionally states or spreads information about another person to cause others to think less of that person or damage their reputation. Cyber defamation is any defamation that is spread over the internet. For example if someone spreads false and derogatory information via email.

Is it against the law? Explain your answer.

Cyber defamation and all other types of defamation are illegal. If you defame someone and they decide to press charges and you are found guilty you will most likely be made to pay compensation to the plaintiff. Under some special circumstances, defamation can even be treated as a criminal matter.

Explain how cyber defamation fits the elements of defamation law:

Defamation is when someone intentionally publishes and spreads material that defames or damages the reputation of another. Cyber defamation is almost identical it a defamatory statement of comment that is published on the internet. For example lets say someone posted on an online social networking site such as Twitter that the head chef of a particular restaurant never washes his/her hands before or after preparing the food. The amount of customers the restaurant receives declines dramatically after the statement is made. The matter is then taken to civil court. This fits the key elements of defamation because the defendant made a false comment about the plaintiff that hugely damaged his/her reputation.

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