Nt1330 Unit 6

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1. State the names and professional credentials of the employees assigned to provide health information functions. What are the tasks or duties assigned to these persons?
I am a HIT technician and I oversee the medical records department. I make sure that all the records are compliant, and I make sure that we safeguard the patient’s privacy.
2. What kinds of patients/clients are treated?
We treat rehabilitation patients, which need physical, occupational or speech rehabilitation.
3. Who are the major providers of care at this facility?
The therapists, but we also have physicians, nurses, and specialists that come in for some cases as cardiologists, nephrologists and so forth.
4. Describe the health record system (type, format, retention, forms, folders, filing system, manual/computer, etc.).
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What types of indexes and registers are used?
When we did filing, we had the terminal digit system.

7. What methods are used for record completion?
With completion we have an alert system that will alert us of any insufficiency or deficiencies.
8. What is the procedure for release of information?
We outsource it. We have a source that handles the release of information and they are very knowledgeable about statues and have been with our company for a very long time.
9. What means does the facility use to assure quality of care and quality of documentation
We do have several quality maintenance audits. The QA programs to do internal audits every month to make sure the proper care is been carried out.
10. What agencies have standards, regulations, or requirements the facility must follow?
We follow HIPAA and Joint Commission.
11. What types of statistics are kept?
We keep different kinds of statistics. All the different departments keep their own statistics, and our quality manager will compile and report the entire statistic monthly.
12. What is the facility’s classification (voluntary, proprietary, non-profit, etc.)?
13. What data set is used to determine the