Nuclear bombs Essay

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Nuclear Weapons:

For the past 20 years Nuclear Weapons have been in our lives, they were the weapons we used to fight our enemies and also protect our homeland. Nuclear weapons are a form of mass destruction that has explosive power that comes from a nuclear action. I picked this topic because Nuclear weapons have been with us through the war of Afghanistan and Iraq. Nuclear weapons are what our country recognizes for being the best military force in the world. Without these nuclear bombs I don’t know where this country would be. This topic of Nuclear weapons is relevant to us because of the past attacks on U.S. Soil. For example, more stability was needed during the 911 attack in our country. Attacks like 911 have opened our eyes to what this world has come to and proven that we need weapons such as this to keep us safe. If this was ten years ago we wouldn’t need these type of weapons, but now we have to take extra precautions to protect the grate men and women of this country. Nuclear Weapons started around the 1830's in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada in the World War II. This was an experiment to counter the Nazi-German atomic bomb project. One of the first attempts to use the atomic bomb was in 1945. Two nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan which eventually ended the Pacific War. After this attack the Soviet Union Started to develop their own atomic bomb project. Both Germany and the Soviet Union had more powerful weapons known as the hydrogen bomb. Hydrogen bombs are bombs that have destructive power that comes from the rapid release of energy and uses an atomic bomb as its trigger. Nuclear weapons have been used before in wars like World War II. Fro example, an atomic bomb was used on August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima, Japan. Then again three days later the city of Nagasaki was also bombed. These attacks are now one of the famous attacks in the United States history books. Today there are still some countries who we consider as nuclear-armed states. These countries include the Unites States, the Russian federation, the United Kingdom, France, and China. These countries are under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty that was created by the United Nations in the early 1960's. There are still some countries that are not parties to the NPT treaty that still