Essay about Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear energy and reactors are a big part in France. Seventy five percent of France’s electricity is from nuclear energy. France is the world’s largest net exporter of electricity due to its very low cost of generation. They are also very active in developing nuclear technology. Unlike America, nuclear energy is accepted in France and even popular. Nuclear reactors are a controversial issue no matter what country you look at all around the world. There are many different pros and cons that can be argued. The French experience many benefits from these reactors but at the same time face pressing issues that could force them to realize the risks they are taking by using them. France’s primary source is nuclear power. In, 2004, seventy right percent of electricity was from nuclear power. They operate 59 nuclear reactors. France reached an energy independence of 50% thanks to its strategic choice for nuclear energy. Also they are the biggest exporter of electricity in the world earning 3 billion euros in sales each year. By using nuclear power, they are providing safe and reliable energy. Not only are they using safe energy, but they have the lowest carbon dioxide production in the world. France has many advantages from its nuclear reactors, but some disadvantages as well. Some of the reactors have to close on the weekends because there is no marker for the electricity. That means the capacity factor of nuclear plants is low by world standards, which is not an ideal