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Michael S
American Lit 112A
September 22 2013
Speech to the Nuclear Energy Convention Humans are constantly inventing and innovating, thus increasing the speed of advance in technology. As technology advances, one problem is created; the need for more energy. Although advancements have created energy efficient products and methods to generate electricity, none of the methods have come close to the amount of electricity created by nuclear energy. While there are many reasons to go against nuclear energy, the reasons for supporting nuclear energy exceed the reasons opposing it. One reason to favor nuclear energy is the amount of energy produced as compared to other methods of creating energy. In comparison to coal energy, one of the major producers of electricity in the United States, nuclear energy is significantly more efficient than coal. Why wouldn't we want something that does the best job? If a boss were looking for a new employee, he would chose one that accomplishes the best work. To produce the same amount of electricity as 15 metric tons of coal, only 1 kilogram of nuclear fuel is required. Contrary to coal plants, nuclear power plants don’t require trains to haul tons and tons of coal. All they require are replacement of fuel rods once in a while. Another reason is the effect of power plants on the environment. Although some might argue that accidents have caused nuclear meltdowns and whole towns to be abandoned, I say that it has affects similar to other methods of generating electricity. Furthermore, nuclear energy is not the only way of producing energy that can cause harm to people. In 2010, an oil spill in the gulf of Mexico caused several deaths and littered the gulf. Hydroelectric dams have failed, causing entire villages to flood as if they were water tanks, oil pipelines and tankers have exploded or turned over, causing oil to contaminate the ocean and affect marine life,