The Theoretical Perspective Of Realism And Exploring The Iranian Nuclear Issue

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The Theoretical perspective of realism and discussing the Iranian nuclear issue is a perfect design into examining persuasive diplomatic tools and ways for the government of Iran to abandon the nuclear weapons program. It is said the Rrealistm Theoretical theoretical perspective has dominated thinking about iInternational politicscies over a millennia, realists claim to view the world as it ought to be. “Realists tend to hold pessimistic views on the likelihood of the transformation of the current world into a more peaceful one, emphasizing the struggle for power among political units each acting in a rational, unitary manner to advance their interest” (Viotti, 2009Paul R. International relations and world politics : security, economy, identity / Paul R. Viotti, Mark V. Kauppi.)

It is clear that there cannot be a nuclear Iran not in the tTwenty fFirst cCentury., there has to be an increase of politics among states this must include all Arab nations or actors who feel the same as the international community that it is not in the world’s best interest for a nuclear Iran to exist. Throughout the end of the twentieth century and into the new millennia Iran has made many attempts in pursing its nuclear ambitions and has yet come to the international table for an effective nuclear diplomacy.

In order to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear state is in no way shape or form a military answer, the use of the military would be catastrophic on the international community and would cause a collapse of most Mmiddle Eeastern nations; the political solution which is in effect today would be the actions of financial sanctions preventing the country of Iran from operating in such a high financial capacity. These unilateral economic sanctions are designed to put a restraint on the government of Iran not initially meant to affect the people of Iran.

The business of freezing assets and or monies in foreign banks slows the progress of the Iranian want of a nNuclear program hence it slows the act of acquiring not the government's ambition. A realist outlook to the issue in my opinion of sanctions is basically the step of bilateral talks to increase pressure in reference to the politics of this issue.

These bilateral talks have to conduct in such a manner that all key players or actors in the international community are vigoursly involved actors such as Russia and China without the support of these countries whose support is vital unilateral sanctions would not work to their full effect. Even though there has been increased call for a quick military strike on known Iranian nuclear facilities realism tells us that a military strike of any kind would not be a quick answer .

It is my opinion that any military strike would further destabilize the Middle East , all talks bilateral and or unilateral would cease and effective diplomacy would be lost. The UN Ssecurity Ccouncil of the United States and other world leader plus Germany better known as P5+1 are specifically designed for all power to include Iran to come together for talks concerning nuclear diplomacy as of yet these talks have been in stale mate due to commitment issues of the international community and so called use of delaying tactics by Tehran.

To future examine the reasoning’s behind Tehran inability to cooperate with the international community you would have to learn the results and findings of the international nuclear watchdog better known as the IAEA which has noted that the country of Iran has been uncooperative on many fronts pertaining to the issue of their nuclear wants as a country and fears of there being a military dimension to its nuclear program. A realist principle can be drawn into that statement referencing Iran’s