Nuclear Power Essay

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After the United States had dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima, Japan, a number of countries such as Libya, Romania, South Africa, USA, France and Germany Netherlands, Canada and Syria People's Republic of Korea Republic of Iraq, Iran and Israel Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Albania, Algeria, India, United Kingdom Argentina, Australia and Russia to protect its own interests and security began to develop nuclear weapons, but in the process of developing nuclear weapons, it found that with nuclear weapons not only bring the interests of the world but also will harmful to the world. It is often said that if world without nuclear weapons will be more peaceful. Because when the nuclear leak, it is not just the destruction of a small place, but to destroy the entire human race, because the long-term effects of nuclear weapons by the Staff of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation 1999???. On the other hand, some of the elite countries possessing nuclear weapons to eliminate nuclear weapons and will be lead to unnecessary war, thus treating the world peace by Cunningham, F. (2010). However,although possessing nuclear weapons to protect national security, no nuclear weapons states have the same security, like Belarus and Kazakhstan (the Staff of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation on the contrary) elite country with nuclear weapons but also worried the threat of nuclear terror organization, information leakage

Issue 1:peace
CR: It has been argue that nuclear weapons are not the threat in the world because it can protect their countries. Clark, G. (1995) contends that in the three decades of nuclear weapons development between two devastating world wars, but no world war is about nuclear weapons. For example Express Report.(2010) argue that Possession of nuclear weapons is peaceful and has sexual deterrent, although India's development of nuclear weapons in this period have many countries impose sanctions, but today nuclear weapons in India has a very good management and development, not only as environment-friendly society , recycling the fuel, but also play a role in sexual deterrent.

Rf: Nuclear weapons, In fact, Nuclear weapons totally fail to achieve its protection function of world’s peace and can not play a role in sexual deterrent. Research undertaken by the Staff of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
(1999) indicated that many countries possesss nuclear weapons in a war because they want to plunder more resources and occupy more places, possession of nuclear weapons only for big countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom strongly(删掉) that some small country possession of nuclear weapons danger than they haven’t nuclear weapons. In fact many countries have been suffering in proxy war like Somalia, Afghanistan, Indochina, they not only need to conventional weapons to protect themselves and also needs to have nuclear weapons to stop the United States from time to time harassment.

Arg: However, although having nuclear weapons in their countries can protect them is truth but western countries have nuclear weapons but could not maintain world peace instead of threatening of world peace. For instance, the United States and its allies said that Iran has nuclear weapons will attack threats to world peace, but Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and ensure that weapons are not available to other countries and has a clear purpose in that, but the United States has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty too. (所以,你这段是想表达什么?)Moreover it has provided nuclear technology to Israel, who making Israel's possession of nuclear weapons is the only race in the Middle East countries. It is shows that the United States and his allies have nuclear weapons threaten world peace. (By Finian Cunningham,Global Research 2010).

Issue 2 Security
CR: It has been argued that possession of nuclear weapons is considered low-risk and low-cost in comparison to building several nuclear bombs. For example, North Korea have manufactured