Essay on Nuclear Waste

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Nuclear Waste by Richard A. Muller
Nuclear waste is a radioactive waste that is dangerous, and a fair percentage of people would agree on this topic. However, is it really dangerous or is it just harmful to an extent? In society, many debates are held over trying to prove to the world that this substance is harmful. In the essay, “Nuclear Waste,” Muller states clearly that he sides with the anti-nuke of the debate and how he pinpoints the facts of nuclear waste with great persuasion. Yet, it is uncertain whether Muller clearly has a good argument and/or answers the questions that many people linger to know.
In Richard A. Muller’s article “Nuclear Waste,” the author states clearly about how he is against the issues on nuclear waste and
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At one point he asks, “Why are people so worried about transporting nuclear waste? To a great extent, we have gone to such lengths to ensure the safety of transporting the wastes. But it is obvious that society thinks the dangers and risks are greater than it really is.” (Muller 213) However, hasn’t he been constantly trying to get our attention in trying to build his case of how dangerous nuclear waste is?
With all that Muller has said, Muller has made people more worried. But it is clear that contemplating on what to do about nuclear waste is not an easy topic to choose sides on. Muller made many arguments in his essay by pursuing his opinion of being anti-nuke towards nuclear waste. However, it seems like he denies his case and did not provide much of a clear position. He addresses in his essays facts and statistics on/about nuclear waste, but fails to answers society’s wandering questions. As Muller says, “If we call storage unacceptable, then its purpose put aside alone is considered an unacceptable answer. We have waste that we must find a solution to benefit society as a whole.” (Muller 210) Although, Muller purposely enabled readers to think and work towards taking action with the case, he leaves society with dealing with the case on their own. As a result, society is forced to take action to find a solution to dealing with nuclear wastes.

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