Why I Want To Become A Bachelor Degree In Nursing

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During my years of study to earn a Bachelor Degree in Nursing, I always was interesting in finish my career because had in mind that the best part of a nurse profession is how we can always help patients and family as well, and with that said, I really wanted to always go further in my career, and learn more and more to be able to put in practice what my knowledge are, showing that we as nurses are human, but if we place an e at the end word human, make us be who really nurses are HUMANE and this is one of the most influence word we all have to have in place at time of care for a human, have to be humane.
After all this I have decided to expand my nursing career at higher level and because I like to keep in contact with patient care I look out to become a Advance Registered Nurse Practitioner. Will be able to help patients and be able to take decisions together with Dr and other health care providers for better outcome in patient recovery or prevention any diseases.
After five years of earned my BSN, and more than five years giving nursing care in Critical Care Unit(Medical Surgical Unit , Cardiovascular Critical Care(Open Heart Unit), and also Neuroscience Intensive Care, the philosophy drives my desire to advance my career even further. To that end I am enrolling in the Nurse practitioner program. This advance degree is the sole object of my professional focus, and seems to me to be the next and inevitable phase in my career, I am absolutely confident that I will give to the Nurse Practitioner program everything it requires from me, so I can in my work reflect what it gives to me.
My years of working in Neurosciences ICU were nothing short for me. It is a privilege to assist in so prestigious and superior a hospital environment, and I discovered how the basic elements of caring within nursing comprise the very foundation of that