Nutrition and Diabetes Essay

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Marie Johnson
Public Speaking 1101

Diabetes I interviewed my dad because he has diabetes and has had it for a long time. I did the interview at his house and asked him several questions about diabetes. When did he get diabetes, how old was he when he got diabetes, and how has this affected him. My dad was very helpful and gave me a lot of information about diabetes.

Question 1: How old were you when you got diabetes?
Answer 1: I think I was about 35 when I got diabetes. That was abut the time when my wife and I got divorced and my kids went to live with her so I started eating unhealthy. I also was spending more time at work which is a desk job so I was sitting down all day and didn't have time to exercise.
Question 2: What were your eating habits before you got diabetes?
Answer 2: When I was a kid I would always eat a moon pie and have an RC cola so my eating habits weren't thee best but then I started eating healthier when I enlisted in the military.
Question 3: What can and can't you eat now that you have diabetes?
Answer 3: I can't eat hardly any starches, pastas, and things with sugar. If I eat healthy like whole grain things sometimes I can eat some candy.
Question 4: How often do you have to check your sugar?
Answer 4: I have to check my sugar after every meal to make sure that it doesn't spike up.
Question 5: Does diabetes run in your family?
Answer 5: Yes diabetes run in my family. Mom and my dad both have diabetes and so do their parents and more than likely my kids will have diabetes if they don't eat healthy.
Question 6: How has diabetes affected your life?
Answer 6: Diabetes have completely changed my life. It has caused me to go blind and not be able to work. I have a lot of medical bills now because of diabetes. I had surgery to try and fix