Nutrition and Ideal Body Image Essay

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Consequences of Ideal Body Image
In today’s society, body health is a factor that we deal with event that happens in our everyday lives.. “Want to lose weight?!” “Lose 15 pounds in the first 3 weeks!” These are common saying that one can see whether it is on commercials or in our magazine. Media plays a big role in our self-esteems as it persuades its audience into believing how one should look. Anytime one looks at fitness or modeling magazine, one can see the images of pictures containing a slimmed waist “average” American woman. These images give the audience an illusion from realism and give us the illusion of what we want to picture ourselves in. The woman that is found in these magazines is skinny and lean. This leads to the increases of eating pathology. According to “Exposure to Slim Image in Mass Media,” The gap that is being presented by the unrealistic ideal of thin and the actual women’s body size makes women feel bad about their own personal bodies and pushes them towards the road of losing weight. Due to the fact of these images, it leads them to dieting. As dieting can be part of a problem, things could get worse as over eating or eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa and binge eating. Bulimia nervosa is a serious disorder that makes the user take the route of vomiting or the usage of laxative. By vomiting, the person doing so will throw up all of their food and thus prevent weight gain. Bulimia abuser will usually consume high calorie foods and throwing it up before being digested. As this sounds like a great optional way to not gain weight, it does more bad then good to the body in the long run. The long term effects of bulimia are the confusion of the metabolism in one’s body. Thus, leads to weight problems later on in the future. One of the other consequences could be the damages of the digestive system. According to “” the major nutrient problem of this eating disorder leads to the loss of potassium in the body which then makes some function in the body suffer. Binge eating is another common eating disorder. A person that his this disorder, tend to eat huge amount of food all at once. They do this to the certain extent of not fully being able to control themselves. For one, they could eat from pure being bored as for another they choose to stuff themselves with food even if one’s stomach is content and full. Binge eating leads to emotion problems such as low self-esteem. They feel disgusted and depress about how they consume so much more calories than needed. One