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Childhood Obesity
Kavin Singh
Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity only blamed on the children alone or are the parents also blamed of this outcome? Childhood obesity can’t be blamed on children because the parents are to blame, the children need a proper diet, and they need to have a good timing of everything. Not only this but a lot of factors play a big role which leads to this problem. Childhood obesity is not a local problem, it is worldwide as well. We cannot overlook this problem. In the worldwide today you will see this problem. We all can improve this by changing little things in our lives. The parents should know what they have to do to make things better for their children. Childhood obesity can be prevented if we live in a good surrounding or environment, educating our children with physical education, and teaching children to make right choices anywhere they go.
Childhood obesity is everywhere. The parent’s maybe to blame here. After decades of increases, Farley says that, “the prevalence of childhood obesity has declined in the past decade in New York City, as measured in children participating in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and public school students, with the greatest reductions occurring in the youngest children”. Possible explanations were changes in demographics; WIC, day care, and school food policies; citywide obesity prevention policies, media messages; and family and community food consumption. Although the decreases cannot be attributed to any one cause, the most plausible explanation is changes in food consumption at home. At home parents cook or make food for the children.

In this troubled economy, poor health has the potential to ruin you financially – which will only make everything worse. And clearly, maintaining a healthy weight is a major part of optimal health.
In our world today there are a lot of people who like to eat food. We have to admit we all love to eat food. It doesn’t matter what race, color, or nation you come from, all the people like to eat food. There are different types of food out there in the world that people want to try and eat which is fine. We all have occasions where we sometimes eat a lot when we are not suppose to. I for example have a lot of party’s at my house. I have a big family where people come in and out of my house. My parents love to invite people and feed them. After they have a lot of left overs so I have to eat them. When I eat food I do know my limits without my parents telling me. I do exercise and play soccer on a regular basis. I am in pretty good shape. My point here is that parents nowadays should educate their children on the healthy side of life which is going to help them later on. I was told by my parents when I was little so now I know what to do so I live happily and be healthy as well.
People nowadays look for a quicker and easy way to get food. As the public health threat of childhood obesity has become clear, the issue has become the focus of local, state, and national initiatives. Many of these efforts are centered on the community environment in recognition of the role of environmental factors in individual behaviors related to food and physical activity. In many communities, for example, fresh produce is not available or affordable, streets and parks are not amenable to exercise, and policies and economic choices make fast food cheaper and more convenient than healthier alternatives. Not only the parents, children, or timing is involved but the environment and the key factors play a huge role in childhood obesity. If parents can’t afford to buy healthy fresh food they go to cheaper places to get food. The nutrition is not the best but because of factors around the environment they do not have the right choice. The kids eat whatever the parents give them. The parents should know that the children should get the highest nutrition so they get all the nutrition they