Essay On Athletic Training

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Athletic Training

When you’re at a sporting event you’re most likely watching the athletes, maybe even the coaches. Chances are, you didn’t notice the other player on the field. Athletic trainers are the professionals who keep the game running smoothly by keeping the player in their best shape. An athletic trainer, or A.T., helps prepare the athletes before and after the game by overseeing physical training, nutrition, and rehabilitation. To become an athletic trainer you must earn a bachelor’s degree and put in hours of work to get experience. Certified athletic trainer have oodles of job opportunities from youth sports to professional-level sporting leagues. These are some reasons why athletic trainers are key members to the team. Athletic
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Athletic trainer students have a big career decision to make. They can either further their education. Possibly earn their masters or continue in a graduate program. Based on the athletic trainer’s career path with a four year degree which is a standard bachelor’s degree, A.T’s can enter an athletic training at a youth program or high school level job. Since 2003 AT’s salary in high school is up sixteen percent, thus giving athletic trainers $42,442 dollars per year. Once an individual has their Master’s degree they can earn up to 50,572 dollars per year in a professional sports. In national sport any person with a doctoral degree can receive an annual payment of 54,292 dollars per year. In conclusion athletic training is the field of study that I would like to pursue. Because I love sports and love taking care of other people. What I would like to do with my degree is start at high school level for 4 years then further my education to get my master’s degree. Eventually allowing me to try and find a job in the MLL (Major League Lacrosse) or the MLB (Major League Baseball). What I learned while researching athletic training is that you have to be determined enough to complete the program as it is a difficult course load. You also have to want the athletes to be their best