Nutritional Assessment Essay

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Nutritional Assessment
Duane Daquioag
NURS 225
WestCoast University

Nutritional Self-Assessment Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. “It can be used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health complications” (CDC, 2015) but it is not a reliable source of information to get a person’s body fatness or health of an individual. My BMI score is 24.4; to find that, I divided my weight in kilograms (70.9 kg) by the square of height in meters (2.9 m). HAMWI is used to calculate the ideal body weight of an individual based on their height and body frame (FitnessHealth101, 2016). To calculate for my ideal body weight I should add 6 pounds to every inch
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Emotionally I was stable and still in a good mood but I felt tired and sloppy after the doughnut. All I wanted to do is sleep but I know I must stay focused, as it was the first day of class. I managed to keep myself awake during class and pay attention but it required a lot of determination from me. Then after class I went to dinner and had sushi. Physically it got me full and kind of tired as the doughnut still had that effect on me. Emotionally, I was drained, as I felt bad about going over my caloric intake for the day as I am trying to lose some weight. I was able to stay awake and focus when I went to go study afterwards. This day I failed myself and at the end of the day I felt guilty and asked myself why I ate the doughnut as a snack.
January 28, 2016, it was the morning of the first day of MedSurg II and this was my intake for that day: FOODS | Calories | Carbs | Fat | Protein | Cholest | Sodium | Sugars | Fiber | Breakfast | Nongshim - Bowl Noodle Soup - Hot and Spicy, 0.5 bowl | 190 | 28g | 7g | 4g | 0mg | 690mg | 1g | 1g | MONSTER ENERGY - Original Energy Drink, 8 fl. oz. (473 mL) | 110 | 27g | 0g | 0g | 0mg | 180mg | 27g | 0g | Lunch | Chic-fil-a - Chicken Nuggets, 12 pieces | 400 | 15g | 19g | 41g | 105mg | 1,590mg | 2g | 1g | Chic-fil-a - Waffle Fries Small, 1 container | 310 | 37g | 16g | 3g | 0mg | 140mg | 0g | 3g | Chic Fil A - Coke Medium, 20 oz | 170 | 47g | 0g | 0g | 0mg | 15mg | 47g | 0g |