Essay on Obesity: Nutrition and People

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In America 1 in every 3 adult is obese and 1 in every 6 kids are obese. Obesity also is a major leading cause for death, victims can experience heart attacks, receive diseases, and diabetes. Obesity is a very big problem for us americans. The soda ban of over 30 ounces should be encouraged to prevent a rise in obesity rates. also daily exercise should be practiced to prevent you from being a victim of obesity. If you yourself do not do anything to prevent yourself from being obese then no one can.

We should protest for the soda ban in order to help end obesity. Obesity happens when one consumes more calories than they are able to burn off. Since soda is high in calories and cheaper to buy, drinking too much of it is bad for one’s health. Drinking too much soda can also put one's health in jeopardy due to all the sugar that it contains. soda contains a lot of carbon dioxide, which causes the fizig in the soda. i know that when i drink soda it fills me up faster and prevents me from eating as much food. It also prevents me from getting as much nutrients as i would have if i had eaten all the food i would have eaten without soda filling me up. with the lack of nutrients some people lack the energy they need to do a lot of stuff like staying awake, exercising, do work, or even get off the couch.

Exercise and having a healthy diet is a very good way to maintain one’s shape, weight, and size. Studies have shown that doing daily exercise for a recommended amount of time, depending on age, can help one lose weight. Exercise can be as simple as riding your bike around your neighborhood, or running around in a park. People should also watch less than 2 hours of tv a day, kids should not have a tv in their rooms. Technology causes one to just sit around and stare at a screen more than one walks around his/her house. I know when i am playing on my computer or watching tv i don’t want to get off for hours. So parents or friends should limit the amount of technology used in a day. Also invite friends or create groups for the reason of just going outside and playing games for an hour or two.

People should be able to drink whatever they want however much they want. Some people are not able to control what they eat or what they do. Some people are not able to eat healthier because of the budget they are on. Junk food and soda is cheap and affordable. Plus