Nutrition and Eating Habits Essay

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Daniel Brewer
16 May 2015
Combating Obesity Obesity is a growing problem over the years. With the introduction of more fatty and unhealthy food in our society people have begun to gain weight at higher rates than before. As you age your lack of activeness and hormonal changes increases your chances to become obese. In order to combat obesity people have to start changing their eating habits like dieting, finding a better way to get nutrition, and making lifestyle changes. Dieting is a great way to combat obesity and its various health problems. “Staying lean and eating right are both crucial for maintaining health through the years.” (p. 48). For example, Lower high blood pressure can reduce the chances of getting hypertension. Eating a healthier diet can stop the dangerous health problems that come with obesity such as cancer, heart disease, and hypertension. Eating fatty food and not a diverse kind of food can increase weight gain. Dieting is a key factor in staying in shape and avoiding obesity
Changing one’s nutrition in their eating habits is a better way to avoid becoming obese. A better balance diet of food like vegetables and meat, getting a good source of fiber and vitamins can keep your body lean and healthy. For example, 2 types of diabetes and insulin resistance can be often be stopped or even postponed by changing nutrition. Going into old age over weighted while struggling with myriad diseases are connected to weight. Nutrition within a diet needs to change in order for a diet to become effective. Changing nutrition in order to stay healthy is difficult to do because of people lifestyles.
People lifestyles are one of the leading causes to becoming obese. Changing one’s lifestyle is one way to start a change in your eating habits. Families sometimes have the same eating and activity habits. For example, if both your parents are obese and you have