Obesity: Obesity and Important Ones Essay

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Stop Obesity

Every day there are many choices for a person to make. Most of the time people don't even realize they are making a decision. Decisions no matter how big or small they may seem have a huge impact on our lives. Although usually the decisions that we find unimportant are the most important ones. Ones like whether or not we decided to eat healthy, or if we decided to be active or just sit and be a couch potato. People don't see their health as an important issue, and that is the problem. Obesity each year has been and is continuing to rise, this is an epidemic that must be stopped before it is too late.
Do we really want America to end up like the people in that Disney movie Wall-E. As funny as that comparison is, it is completely true. If Americans continue to ignore this issues we all may end up in chairs giving it our all to accomplish simple tasks. American's need to not only watch out for their loved ones, but also themselves. How does a person expect to help others if they cannot even help themselves?
Obesity is life threatening and shouldn't be taken lightly. Obesity can cause heart problems, diabetes, and/or cancer. All of these serious diseases can lead to death, but those are only just a few of the many things that obesity can do to damage a single person. This epidemic will take over your life and cause not only physical and mental problems to yourself, but also your loved ones. Why put that burden on them when a person can just easily avoid…