Ocean Blue Essay

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Dominic Komadina
The ocean blue
That day was a perfect 70 degrees, little to no wind, and you could smell the salt in the air. The day was Tuesday and school started again in a week and the waves were huge! At wedge the waves were forecasted to be 15-20 ft do not go in the water unless professional. The plan was to go body surf A street, with my three friends, Aria, Kolby, and Hayden. We were no pros but we convinced ourselves that day we were. As we stood in a perfect line on the ridge of the beach, fin in hands overlooking the huge waves. We were in ah drop of the power and grace of these huge waves. The mist of the crashing waves was almost like a silhouette dancing with the wind. The tourist on the pier got splashed with salty water with every crashing wave. I think we were almost in a place of no time as we stood there looking at the monster we were going to concur. I remember all the people watching the waves looked at us like were crazy. Like a soft kiss the mist hit our faces. We all looked at each other without saying a word we started running towards the monstrous waves. The water was warm and almost challenging us, egging us on to jump in to its warm waters and strong powerful waves and catch one. As we started to put our fins on at the edge of the water a little voice in my head said maybe you shouldn’t go in, but I convinced myself that this is once in a lifetime. So I jumped in friends behind me. We knew we were giving the finger to the ocean and saying in our chest that we will concur you. Each stroke was strenuous and difficult. Each breath was taken with care and in fear of being held down to long.as the waves never stopped, so did we. Swimming up the face of these 15 ft waves felt like swimming up a building. And going under to avoid the wave almost gave you like 10 seconds of peace and darkness. Each wave that came at us we concurred. Each wave got bigger, faster, stronger. Almost like it didn’t want us to succeed. But we were intent on making it. Finally we had made it to were we were now behind the crashing waves. We celebrated only for a bit. Almost about 2 football field out we decided to just sit and watch. I flouting on my back , looking up at the extremely blue sky going up and down like a bowie as each wave came. It was so quit out there that all you heard was the crashing of the waves and the a casual oooo and ahhh of the crowd. Finally as our last task we had to catch a wave. We played rock ,paper, scissors to see who would go first. It went aria was first, Kolby next, Hayden and finally me last. As we sat there in silence watching aria swim off towards the beach, wondering what would happen. Once a wave came we lost track of him but suddenly we saw this pair of fins fly up and as fast as he came up he went back down. All we saw was his panicked face looking for air and as soon as he found it’s the ocean tricked him and he took a mouth full of water. We waited to see him come up on shore. As we started to panic wondering if he’s still under. But as soon as we started to panic we came up on shore and gave us the thumbs up to go ahead. we had to keep swing to our right to avoid getting sucked into the pier. Even in a neutral zone of some what peace and calm the ocean was still trying to take us out. next was Kolbe we did the same as we did to aria but just me and Hayden watching Kolbe swim for a wave. Once again we lost him once he caught a wave. Kolbe had no problem he came up on shore and gave aria a high five and a quick huge in excitement. They gave hayden the thumbs up to go. He started to swim away . all was left was me and the warm ocean blue. As I not even pay attention to hayden. I realize how clean and blue the ocean is but its beauty did