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October Baby This movie brought out the true point in how abortion can really affect someone's life. First hand her friends see the effects and the pressure Hannah takes on knowing she wasn't meant to be here. The true power of forgiveness is displayed as she discovers her birth mother and leaves her a note on her desk saying "I forgive you" and it suddenly hits the woman. If it wasn't for Hannah that lady may have lived the rest of her life feeling unworthy of herself. She then knew god had sent someone saying I forgive you.

The movie October Baby has touched me in a faithful, and emotional way. The movie has touched me faithfully because as Catholics we don't believe in killing of any sort especially abortion. Abortion is a very cruel thing and shouldn't be done to anyone especially because they don't get the chance to live or make the decision to die. As it showed in the movie Hannah went to the church and told the priest about her situation. It had referenced the church saying she was a Baptist. Even though she was a Baptist the priest didn't discriminate, he still offered her help. The priest had told her the ability to forgive, such as for the Catholics
God did when he sent Jesus to take on our sins and die on the cross for us. It touched me emotionally because of the pain. To find out that you were a failed abortion and that your twin had died little after birth is very heartbreaking. Especially since people have to live with that everyday of their lives, feeling unwanted. This movie has shown as that no matter who or what you are God is always there. The Priest had offered her help even though she wasn't the faith that the Church had taught. That shows us that us as Gods