Odysseus Essay

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Categories Characters Setting Goal
(What are they trying to achieve?)

(What prevents them from achieving Response
(How do they respond to solve problems they face?) Consequence
(How does this experience change them as individuals and/or a group?)

(What does
Odysseus do?
What do his actions reveal about the kind of

Book 9

Book 10

Land of the
They goal was to escape from
Polychemus’s cave and return to Ithaca

Circe’s island

Book 12
Island of the Sun

Book 21

Book 22



Escape from Circe and Escape from the sea monsters and go back to Ithaca return to Ithaca

Win the contest for
Penelope’s hand

To kill all the suitors

Polychemus capture
Odysseus and his men in his cave

Circe Transform
Odysseus men into pigs Charybdis Scylla and Zeus destroy Odysseus’s ship

The suitors don’t let
Odysseus to participate in the contest

Antinous and the suitors want to kill

Odysseus and his men left
Polychemus blind and escape by hiding in rams

Odysseus tricked
Circe and then kill her

Odysseus tell his men to put wax
Odysseus sends an in they ears so they can’t listen the arrow straight through sirens sing the ax heads

Odysseus puts an arrow through his throat and then chopped all the others suitors Most of the men in the group die now they know that they have a clever leader

All the men are grateful that Odysseus come back and save them risking his own life Now Odysseus is along in his long Now Odysseus is more journey close to recover his old life The whole family is united again
Telemachus ,Penelope and Odysseus