Odysseus As An Epic Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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Throughout The Odyssey, Homer makes it very clear to the reader that not only is Odysseus a hero, but an epic hero. From Troy to Ogygia to finally back to Ithaca, Homer uses adjectives and epithets to describe Odysseus and create a reputation of strength and intelligence. He portrays many of the basic characteristics that coincide with the definition of an epic hero. Odysseus has a noble birth, is capable of great deeds, is a strong warrior, a national hero, and is even worthy of supernatural aid.
Odysseus's story starts in Ithaca, where a crown rests upon his head as king of Ithaca. However, he is soon drawn away from his life of pleasure and luxury when he sails off to Troy to fight in the Trojan War. A natural warrior, Ody makes a name