Odyssey and Poseidon Essay

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Have you ever had a goal or dream you wanted or needed to accomplish? But there was always something or someone constantly holding you back from achieving what u need to. There are your supporters and there are things or people holding u back physically or emotionally .Just like Odyssey I have an Athena and a Poseidon I have a supporter someone who wants to help me Improve and something that tries to stop me from succeeding numerous times. My Goal is to bring my grades up and apply myself to being a stronger person and student. However my Athena would be my father, Even though he is no longer with me on this earth. He is always with me spiritually .When my father was here he helped me when I struggled to do the best I can. No matter what the storm was he always brought out the sunlight within the situation. My father was always by my side every step of the way, just as Athena never left Odysseys. Athena continually helps Odysseus in times of need. Athena quoted “I deeply Suffer” This was when Odyssey was trapped in Calypso island and Athena is trying to convince her father Zeus to help Odyssey out. This quote shows Athena’s sympathy for Odyssey. She also puts courage in his heart, and wisdom in his mind.

My Poseidon is my conscience and others. There are people who tell me I’m not smart enough, I’m not good enough I will never accomplish what I feel I can. There are times where I begin to believe these sorts of things. I will struggle and just give up and then I quote “whatever I’m not good enough anyways,” beginning to let the insults take over my ability to do what know is absolutely possible. I then would remember my father and the impact he had on me while he was here and the insults suddenly don’t matter. In fact I seem to realize giving up on myself will only prove others right. I fight my Poseidon off with a sword of confidence and keep moving with my head held high. On the other Hand while I’m stopping myself emotionally. Poseidon is a powerful revengeful god of the sea who tries his hardest to stop Odyssey physically from reaching his goal. Poseidon wants to punish odyssey because he blinded his son, The Cyclops Polyphemus. An example of these vengeful acts happens when Odysseus is on his route to his home and Poseidon cooks up a thunderstorm in the effort to kill Odyssey .Here’s a Quote from the book of how he did that “With that he rammed the clouds together using both hand/clutching his trident—churned the waves into chaos, whipping all the gales from every quarter, shrouding over in thunderheads/the sea at once,”. There were many other things he did to try to stop