Odyssey: Decision Making and Real Life Essay

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Felicity Bailey
English 9C
25 March 2015
Obstacle; something that obstructs or hinders process. "By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination", (Christopher Columbus). Both in life, as well as in the Odyssey, obstacles presented themselves, despite the as first deceitful appearance and caused individuals to face consequences. The most hindering obstacles identify themselves as peer pressure, ignorance and poor judgment.
Peer pressure is extremely common among impressionable individuals, and affects judgment. In the Odyssey, one "Lotus Eater" ate a Lotus, alluring peers to join. Together, they all ate the Lotus, despite the lack of knowledge of the side effects that may occur after consuming such. Consequently, the Lotus gives them a high, and made their minds woozy, affecting judgment. Lack on coherence caused the Lotus Eaters to lose track of surroundings and become lost. Similary, in real life, kids, teenagers, even adults may be confronted with mind toxins such as drugs or alchohol. The presenter may claim it is what all the cool kids are doing, and no harm may derive from doing so. If you see your friend give it, it may make you feel like an outsider for not giving in, thus making you make decisions based upon impulse, not your values. There are harsh consequences to your actions, and displayed in both the Odyssey, as well as real life, the lesson to be learned is to always stick to your morals and do what you know is right.
In situations such as being lost, much like the Lotus Eaters, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance can be a major mental obstacle. It prohibits one from making responsible decisions due to the lack of knowledge. Individuals may make rash decisions in accordance to them having no clue as to what the possible outcome may be, solely because they are unsure of what theyre getting themselves into in the first place. The Lotus Eaters did not know the side effects that would occur once they took in the Lotus. Thus, they were uneducated, made a rash decision and the end result was them being loss, unable to get home. Frequently, decisions are made by individuals whom are ignorant and incapable of making educated and cause them to end up in unfortunate situations. For example, say a young woman is invited out, but unaware of where she is being taken to. There, she is hurt but unable to call for help, because she is uniformed regarding her surroundings. Such causes and obstacle because she is now exposed and in need of help, but unable to inform others as to where she is requesting help from. Remaining in the dark about different subjects, but continuing to act on them is an obstacle, simply because it leaves you vulnerable to the possibilities and