Athens Classical Civilization

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Classical Civilisation- Athens
Athenian Houses * Houses weren't as grand as public buildings * mens life was out of doors, not concerned about the houses appearance * Built on stone foundations with walls of clay bricks * Houses were rectangular around central courtyard * Not many windows so the courtyard was an important source of light * Courtyard=Important for women * only allowed to go out the house under supervision of men * could go into the courtyard and enjoy open air and get on with household chores * Main rooms were focused around the courtyard
The most important room of the house= Andron (mens room) * Women were banned from entering * Used for the man of the house to entertain guests * Only room in the house with elaborate decoration * To impress guests * The floor was raised on all 4 sides and in the centre was a pebble mosaic, couches were placed on the elevated sides of the floor
Gynaikon= Women's area * most important element= the loom * women expected to manufacture all the cloth * other rooms for children and slaves * storage for food in winter months which would help food to keep longer * Decoration was sparing everywhere apart from the Andron * most rooms plastered red or white * Basic colours which would probably be cheap to produce
Kyrios= man of the house (husband) * responsible for earning the money and keeping the family fed * might have a farm outside the city * would oversea cultivation and supervise slaves * may provide food for family and could sell food for profit * Some engaged in trades like pottery and carpentry * responsible for promoting the name of his family in public life * speaking in the assembly * making contracts in the gymnasium * hosting a good dinner party * move up social and political heiracrhy giving family benefits * had full responsibility over all family members and property * had final say on matters such as whether a new born child should live and whom a daughter should marry * a patriachal society- like elizabethan england where fathers could decide who a daughter married
Kyria= Woman of house (wife) * had fewer rights * not allowed own money or property * could only handle enough money to feed family for a week * had to accept every decision made by the Kyria * no political rights * father paid a dowry to husband * if husband divorced wife the money would have to be paid back * women treated like objects and pocessions * women weren't allowed to go out in public unless accompained by a male family member and covered up * played a vital role in the running of the household * in charge of making sure slaves did their jobs * oversaw spinning and weaving in Gynaikon * managed store rooms and ensured family had enough food to live off * produced children like the roles considered typical of a woman
* only time kyrios would invite other people into the house * elaborate dinner party * good time to make political, commercial and social connections * if made a good impression buisness may benefit or might be able to find suitable marraige match for child * careful preperation was required * slaves delivered smart invitations * offered best food and wine * got different entertainers e.g jugglers, acrobats, mimers, musicians and dancers also hetairai= high class prostitutes * only slave girls allowed in * after dinner drinking was done formally, one member of the party was responsible for supervising the sharing out of the wine, toasts and frequency of rounds * guests sometimes entertained themselves- sung well known songs and played drinking gamese.g.Kottabos= flicking remenant of dink in a cup at