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Analyzing what makes the three loneliest character’s in the story Of Mice and Men isolated Loneliness can create a big black hole in ones heart. As a result it can destroy ones life slowly and painfully, much like getting stabbed many times and dying in a deep darkness. In the novela Of Mice And Men the author John Steinbeck shows one how a person’s age, gender, and race can make one feel lonely and isolated from the world. Candy knows that he can’t do much anymore and he seems terribly afraid of death; Curley’s wife suffers because of a loveless marriage and Crooks, the stable buck, experiences isolation because of his race. Candy suffered from loneliness because of his age and because he can’t do much with one hand. Candy’s missing hand cut off the ability to connect with other people. In addition his missing hand also cuts off the ability to work on the same things as the other men do, so “they gave him a job swampin’” (59).Candy refused to let go of his old dog even when Carlson volunteered to kill the dog for Candy. Therefore the dog symbolizes a best friend to Candy and the dog became part of his family as time went by which made it even harder for him to let someone else kill his dog. Candy had no family and for this reason letting go of his dog would make him more lonely then he already seemed. Candy’s fear of death made him seem even more lonely because he had no family or children that he could give the money he earned and worked so hard for at the ranch. Candy almost seemed more lonely then Curley’s wife. Curley’s wife suffers from loneliness because of her gender and because of a loveless marriage. Curly’s wife has no one to talk to because Curley doesn’t allow her to talk with anyone, so she pampers herself the whole day. Steinbeck reveals Curly’s wife’s loneliness by telling the reader that she gets lonely when she tells Lennie, “I get awful lonely” (86). Curly’s wife also suffers from loneliness because she has a loveless marriage. “I don’t like Curly”(89) said Curly’s wife to Lennie which tells one that Curley’s wife is all alone in the ranch. She also feels lonely because Curley doesn’t give her the attention she wants and truly desires to have at the ranch. Curly’s wife also suffers because she didn’t grow up on a farm. One can get the idea that Curley’s wife didn’t grow up as a farm girl because she tells Lennie when they spoke for the very first time in the barn. Curley’s wife threatens Crooks in Crooks own room and made him feel lonely and unwanted. Crooks, the African-American stable buck, suffers loneliness because of his race. The first thing that reveals Crooks loneliness is that Crooks sleeps outside in a little room because the men don’t want a colored man in there with them. Crook has no friends on the ranch and talks to no one except Slim and the boss and they only talk about business. Crooks the loneliest man on the ranch, has no one sleeping in the same roof as him and he has no one helping him on the ranch. “I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an’ he gets sick”(73) Crooks doesn’t just get emotionally sick but he also gets mentally sick. “Maybe if he sees something’, he don’t know wheatear its right or