An Analysis Of Radio Adverts

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Creating Sound |Who are the audience? |What is the purpose (why the audio clip is there) and aim what are they trying to achieve from it? | List with explanation the Good features of the audio clip |List with explanation the bad features of the audio clip |Suggest possible improvements to help the audio clip will meet its aims |If the aims are not met why not? |Where did you get the source from ( the sound) | |Radio Advert

|The audience are the Drivers.

|The purpose is to persuade people to not cross the level crossing. And to inform people to not take any risks. Another purpose of this radio advert is to tell people to avoid any possible dangers. |The Good features about this audio clip that the person speaks seriously and when he talks about the dangerous things he speaks in slow motion so people could avoid this by happening or the driver could get the message clearly to their brains. Also his tone is really heavy so people could take the message seriously as they should. The sound clip loads up quickly and slowly also when the video finishes the sound gets louder also the sound enters at the end of the audio clip. |The bad features about this audio clip are that his voice stays the same tone which it shouldn’t. The clip should been longer because it’s a very important Radio clip for the drivers. The song could had gone more tense if only the voice went more loudly and toner (seriously talking). |Change the tone of his voice and do not give any options because it’s too late because by the time you get out of the car with your kids they would be crushed because you need to jump over the barrier. |The aim has been met yet because there’s more disadvantages of this radio advert. The aims could have been met if the character of the radio advert was speaking more seriously and mainly angrily, so this would remind people that how important this situation really is. |I got all of my sources from the school network. | |Sound track from a film trailer

|The audience are people that are 12 or over and it’s mostly for males because it’s a action movie and most males love action movies. |The purpose is to persuade people to come and watch the film in the cinema when it releases out. Also it’s advertising the trailer to get the audience attention. The advertisement is there for reason, so to tell people that a new movie is coming out and it shows what date it would release in the cinema only. |The good features about this audio clip that the voice gets louder as the music also gets louder this is because it builds up tension