Of Mice and Men Essay

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Jimmy Coben
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4 January 4, 2013
The Odd Man Out
Can someone’s disability prevent him/her to be socially accepted? Discrimination results of not being socially accepted. In Of Mice and Men discrimination causes not fitting in socially during the Great Depression. In this novel characters with disabilities are not socially accepted and discriminated against. Crooks is discriminated against because he is black therefore not social. In the 1920’s discrimination is based on race and due to the fact that a farmer may be black he/she is limited to social interactions on the farm. Crooks complains about how he is excluded from social events on the farm since the boss discriminates against him. Crooks is included at the Christmas party, but even then he is discriminated against. “Yes sir Jesus, we had fun. They even let the nigger come in that night. Little skinner name of Smitty took after the nigger.” (Steinbeck 20) Crook, the black stable buck was let into the festivities but even then he experiences so degradation. He is blocked from the activities because of his race. On the farm, black people are treated as a lower class of respect as to the white men on the farm. Crooks life is even harder because of the Great Depression. Characters discriminate against Crook because of his role, as a result he is alienated. Lennie’s disability causes him not to be social. His mental disability does not allow him to interact properly as he does not understand certain concepts of life. Lennie alludes to George to speak for him in important situations. Due to his disiability, Lennie completely depends on George for survival. Lennie doesn’t understand when George told him to stay away from Curley’s wife. “George says I can’t talk to you or nothing, I can’t tend no rabbits if I talk to you or anything. She laughed, why you always lettin George give you orders? Well I ain’t supposed to, George’s scared I’ll get in trouble. She changed the subject what you got covered up there?” (Steinbeck 86.) Lennie follows George’s orders but doesn’t understand the importance of them and what the end result can be without following his instruction. He gets off the tangent and alludes to what George implies of him. The consequences of his actions are severe and impact negatively. As a result of Lennie’s disability, he is unable to interact socially and comprehend in needed times. Candy’s old age isolates him. Candy is persevered as useless on the farm. He alludes to how the boss is going to remove him off the farm soon therefore stating that he is useless from being old and having one arm. Candy regrets not being able to shoot his dog himself. He strongly feels that the farmers are oblivious to