Officers with Degrees? Yes or No? Essay

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When it comes to whether or not police departments should require that candidates have a four year degree I think that it would be best that they did make that a requirement for all new officers. Even though requiring a higher level degree would single out candidates and limit the number of people that apply the positives would be better for the department and the city. Officers with a four year education would be better disciplined, more attentive, follow orders more, and represent the department better. Studies have shown that officers in the past that have a four year degree tend to be better disciplined and have less disciplinary actions. Those with a four year degree tend to understand the need for rules and know the need for them in the workplace. Also with a four year degree many have already had to abide by rules that were set for them in the university that they attended. They know that there are consequences for their actions so putting them in a setting where there are rules would be easy for them to work and cope with. With better disciplined officers comes less disciplinary actions that have to be taken upon the officers. Which will mean that less officers will have to be suspended or let go and there will be more officers out working the field and less at home or on suspension; also knowing that the department will not come under scrutiny by the media and public puts the chiefs mind at ease knowing he does not have to worry about his officers messing up. An officer with a four year degree tends to be able to pay attention more than those who have not obtained a four year degree. Primarily due to the fact that they did not have to sit in class for four years and listen to a professor teach and obtain and comprehend the information that was being taught to them. An officer that is more attentive can better adapt to the job and learn his surrounding faster than one who has trouble paying attention. And an officer that pays attention at briefings and when taking reports is bound to make fewer mistakes and with fewer mistakes there is less room for error. When an officer follow orders the first time it makes the chiefs job much easier because he does not have to constantly be on his officers and see if they made mistakes or made sure that they did what was asked of them. Officers without a four year degree tend to disregard orders that were given to them and do their own thing. Those with a four year degree tend to do what is asked of them without questioning of authority and that makes the job much easier on everyone. There is no need to worry if someone didn’t do what was needed of them or having to pick up the slack of another officer because they ignored the orders given to them. Also in the…