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Online Degrees
Getting education on the Internet and achieving an online degree is no longer news today. Because of the convenience of online classes, more and more people, especially people who have full time jobs, choose to chase degrees on the Internet. Some news said that the online degrees would totally replace the traditional degrees, which should be got by taking in-person classes.
There are three criteria to judg
The first criterion is the quality of online degrees. Not all the company accept employees who only have online degrees. Getting classes online When I read news daily on website, the first thing I always focus on is the publisher of the news. If a piece of news comes from a well-famed publisher, I will think the news is reliable. If the news is published on the media I have never heard of, I will doubt whether it is credible and just. Then I will notice who the reporter is. If the reporter has ridiculously reported something before, I will think that the only aim he wants to achieve by reporting news is to be known by public. The third thing, which affects the credibility of the news, is the content of the news. If a piece of news has pictures that were taken on spot, I will feel the news is more reliable and vice versa. The fourth aspect we should pay attention to when we judge whether a piece of writing is credible is all the content should be just and bias-free and the discussion in the writing should be supported by solid evidence. If a conclusion is leaded by