Essay on Operation Management

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1.0 Introduction Customer call centers are increasingly playing a crucial role in providing higher customer satisfaction (Anton, 1997). Many business organizations have invest heavily in call centers as they see it as an effective way to keep customer satisfied as well as gaining competitive advantages. The purpose of this study is to critically access the operational method and strategies adopted in a technical support department of a call center in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction. The selected organization is a multinational information technology (IT) corporation from the United State. The company provides IT related hardware and services to home and business users across 120 countries. It has about hundred thousand …show more content…
Is it during first call?
2.22 Service quality
There are four dimensions in service quality offered by the team, which are reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. Reliability refers to the ability of the TSR to diagnose the issue and provides solution dependably and accurately. Responsiveness refers to the willingness of the TSR to help the customer and provide prompt service. Assurance refers to the TSR’s knowledge, and their ability to inspire trust and confidence in customers. Lastly, empathy refers to the ability of the TSR to provide caring and individualized attention to customers.
2.3 Operations performance objective
Slack et al. (2010) define operation performance objective as set of operational objective that enable the satisfaction of customer’s needs and contribution to competitiveness. Based on above mentioned customer’s order winning factors, the department’s performance objective is to provide fast resolution and outstanding service quality to its customer. Both performance objectives are being track using set of key performance indicator (KPI). The KPIs used to measure speed are call waiting time before it was picked up by TSR, percentage of call dropped and first call resolution. On the other hand, scoring percentage of customer’s satisfaction survey questionnaire is used to measure service quality. Table 1.0 shows the measurement on each KPI, order qualifying, winning level, target and the department’s