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OPERATIONAL DEFINITIONS: 1. There is a phenomenon known as “spontaneous human combustion” in which most of the victim’s body, as well as the chair, in which the person was sitting, is found burned to ashes but the rest of the objects in the room are relatively unaffected. This phenomenon suggests that there is a new type of subatomic particle: a “pyroton” that interacts with cells and causes the victim to burst into flame. [Arnold, L. (1995). Ablaze! New York, NY: M. Evans.] “Spontaneous human combustion” has not been proven by scientists because little is known about the origin. The claim
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4. People often know when others are staring at them. This shows that perception involves not only receiving light rays from an object but also projecting some sort of image onto the object. [Sheldrake, R. (1994). Seven experiments that could change the world: A do-it-yourself guide to revolutionary science. London, UK: Fourth Estate.] According to ancient scientists, they claim that “people often know when others are staring at them”. This theory has no sufficient evidence to prove the aspect. It is not easy to tell when an individual is staring at you or he is not staring at you. However, some evidences have proves this claim. However, there are still arguments on what aspect results to the effect. One of the major factors that can prove this claim is real practices (Sheldrake, 1994).

5. Dreams often seem as real as waking experiences because humans are composed of two bodies: a physical body and an astral body. When we dream, our astral body leaves the physical body and travels to the astral plane where the dream actually takes place. [Rampa, T. L. (1990). You forever (York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser.] Globally, scientists have argued over the years about this claim. According to Freud, it is impossible to analyze dream because there are several stages that occur in sleep before people dream. This claim is inefficient because it has insufficient evidence to prove that human being have two bodies. In addition, the