Operations Management in Charcoal Business Essay

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George P Athinis

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Transformation Process 2
2.1 Inputs 3
2.2 Process 3
2.3 Outputs 4
Quality Management 5
3.1 Total Quality Management 6 3.1.1 Meets the needs and customers expectations 7 3.1.2 Covers all parts of the organization 7
3.1.3 Every person in the organization contributes to quality7
3.1.4 All cost of quality are considered 7
Conclusion 8
References 10

This paper will examine the quality management of PYRSOS ltd, Charcoal operation company. Following a brief
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STAFF is the actual manpower involved in the process. Charcoal production requires a lot of manpower since all the process from timber cutting to carbonization is done manually. 2.2 PROCESS
Once the timber is cut, it is transported to the brick ovens located inside every farm and ideally not far from the timber cutting zone in order to minimize transportation costs. Then, the ovens are loaded and the carbonization process starts. The temperature reaches 400º Celsius for the period of 4-5 days. Once the carbonization process is achieved, the staff proceeds to cool down the ovens by closing all the air intakes hence avoiding oxygen to feed to fire. The “cooling process” takes between 1-2 days. After this, the charcoal is taken from ovens and loaded inside PP bags for transportation up to the packaging facility which is located near the ports/docks. Once received the charcoal at the packaging facility, there is a screening process to classify charcoal according to its size. All lump sizes below 20mm are scrapped. There is also a moisture control procedure done with a high precision equipment; ensuring that the charcoal has less than 7% of moisture content (see picture). Then, the charcoal goes through the weighing/bag loader machine (see picture), and finally to the stitch machine to close the bags. Once done all the packaging process; the next step is to load the containers which then go to the docks waiting for their shipment to its final