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To all high school seniors, it can be a little difficult to transform from high school to college but honestly, college is not that different from high school. High schools tolerate their students whereas they can fool around and breeze through the four years. However, to a High School Student, College usually known as being very advance, which makes some freak out to the point where they do not want to go. Though it is not like that, high school is actually preparing for college. Colleges provide students with advance knowledge that they can take with them to work on their careers. If high school students would give college some time, it will be a great experience. College and High School can be similar but also extremely different, but when it comes to the teaching structure, tutoring, and social life, they are similar but if it comes to learning environment, professors and the experience itself, they are vastly different
In many ways, college and high school teaching structure is one of the same. With some students that can be big question, mark for them, wondering if the teaching is at least a bit similar. However, unbelievably they are, you still get textbooks like the ones in high school. The textbook will be able to help the college students throughout the semester in college. In addition, in high school usually the teachers teach in the front of the class while the students write down notes, which is the same as college. Most of the classes in college are like this, where they just write down notes. In addition, College provide homework same as; quizzes, testes, and final exams, so it is like there is no way to get away from that. School is school, so neither college nor high school would change their way of teaching.
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Within high school and college there will be a time where a student would not understand a certain topic so they get a tutor. In high school, they have tutor section and in college, there are tutors if you need one. Either way high school or colleges are trying to provide ways to help students succeed in becoming a better student. They provide students with tools to get extra help on things they did not understand. Tutoring is way to provide opportunities of advance placement for students. It can help the freshmen’s adjust to college work. Tutoring is a great way to compare both levels of school; it reminds students that no matter what level of school they are in they are getting.
In addition, College social life is no difference from High school social life. Students might think that there is nothing but mature adults there so they would not be able to make friends. However, that is the complete opposite of what those students think. When students step in college, they usually are put into groups where friends and relationships are made. Just like in high school, where there are smaller classes where student start to get to know others. In college, they have many organizations that help them out with getting to know people. There is a lot of dating that goes on in college, just like high school. Also there are cliques that develop just as there are in high school, and athletes, especially those on the in an organization also get a lot more attention from everyone else, just like in high school. It is not hard to make friends in college; it is the same as high school. Futhermore, in college, students really have to be on their work, because in college most teachers would just teach and take notes with no explanation. When going to class all the professors supposed to do is show students what they need to know. It is their responsibility to go over the work and apply what they learned. To some it may be a little hard when
Swift 3 transforming from high school. Due to the fact that high school is a teaching environment, where the teachers actually help and explain to their student what the topic is about. It is pretty much about managing their time and being responsible