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Question one:
* Presentation of CO2 graphs. * Past and present images raise awareness. * Digital animations of ice caps in Antarctic and Greenland. * Bleaching effects on the coral reef. * Increase diseases and Viruses. * Contribution tips. * Use of animation to show how global warming works. * Sense of humour. * Outlines the main scientific issues. * Save the planet message.

Non-beneficial: * Choosing between the Earth or Gold. * Twenty-foot Sea rise prediction in 2100. * Misrepresentation of previous weather events. * Election loss. * Death in family. * Ice-cream melting. * Drowning polar bears. * Publicity journeys. * Advertising website for publicity. * Son’s injuries.

Question two:
The CSIRO report reveals that the future changes across Australia involve an increase in dry days, average temperatures and vital weather events including tropical cyclones. An escalation of intense rainfall trends is projected and during wet periods the rainfall is likely to be exceedingly extreme. The continuing rise of warm temperatures in the oceans and the atmosphere are contributing to sea-level increase. CO2 emissions and droughts in South Australia are also projected to increase.
A legal solution would be stating actions that need to be taken into consideration through law reform of current legal frameworks to minimise the effects upon climate change.
CSIRO and Australian Bureau of Meteorology, State of the Climate 2012 (26 April 2012) <http://www.csiro.au/Outcomes/Climate/Understanding/State-of-the-Climate-2012.aspx>. Ibid. Ibid.
Question three:
Wind power causes visual amenity, noise and health effects, as well as, deaths to flying birds such as the Bent wing bat. It also causes harm to the ecosystem and destroys local communities.
Footnote: case study that has Bent wing bats in it.
Biomass energy can lead to deforestation. There are