Ordinary Day With Peanuts

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Short Story Essay

In the short stories, “One Ordinary Day with Peanuts”, “Lamb to Slaughter”, and “Hijack”, the main characters face conflicts of being trusted, getting cheated on, and how our attachment to someone that could turn into outrage . In the short story “One Ordinary Day with Peanuts”, Mr. Johnson aided many people along the streets he met, and while his wife; Mrs. Johnson ruins other people’s lives and giving the citizens a bad day. In the short story “Lamb to Slaughter”, Mr. Maloney informs his wife about the divorce, and she kills him with a blow in his back of his head. She used an alibi and made the detectives to destroy the evidence and making them eat. In the story “Hijack”, the crewmembers made a scheme to obtain $250,000
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We learn that the behavior of Littlejohn, who smart, but greedy for money, which he New Orleans security guard. New Orleans security guard is a guard, who did his best to prevent and help the situation on the plane. They conflict they endure was that the government had to be ensured that the hostage was safe in a plane, and the crewmembers used this advantage to get money out from the government. This reveals that some individuals will go to an extreme extend to achieve what they want. We studied the theme of the story, because of their encounter was that we cannot always trust anybody in our lives, and our closed ones will even deceive us. This proves that some people are cunning, and will use us to get what they want. For example, when Littlejohn tricked the security guard for money, which was wanted by the criminal that had the hostage in the washroom. This manifests that the captains tricked the security guard for the money that was needed the criminal. This exhibits that we cannot trust anyone, even someone close to us because the individuals will trick us for what they want. Afterwards, Charles Wagner (criminal) was dead, and the crewmember used him as a prop, to complete the scheme. This shows that the crewmembers planned the whole situation through and the government agents were tricked. This displays that some individuals or groups will go to an extreme measure of violence or scheme to accomplish anything and willing to put their life on the line. However, the pilot used his crewmember (Clarisse) as the hostage to this mission, which conveys that she is willing to help and to get the money. This proclaims that people could influence others to get what they want, and to join them as a support to achieve anything in