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Case Study Analysis
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Oleah Morris

Case Study Analysis
ABC Inc.’s new campus recruiter, Carl Robins, is in some serious trouble. While completing his first recruiting effort in April: he manage to recruit 15 new hires to work for the Operations supervisor, Monica Carrolls. But, this is not Carl’s dilemma. His dilemma includes a few factors and they are; some of the new hires did not have their applications completed, none of them have gone to the clinic for the required drug screen, there are only three orientation manuals and they are missing some pages, and the biggest problem is that the training room has been reserved by Joe (from technology services) for the whole month of June.
The case study shows that Carl has only worked for the company for a short while, and this is his first recruiting effort. Carl dilemmas begins when he schedules the new hire orientation to take place June 15th, so he can have all of the new hires starting in July. Then, on May 15th Monica informed Carl that she wants him to check on the training schedule, have orientation manuals that include manuals and policy booklets for all of the new hires, all of the new hires have to complete a mandatory drug screen and physical, and have their applications completed. Carl promised Monica that all of that would be taken care of in time for the June 15th training date.
Main Problems
Instead of checking on everything for Monica right away, Carl waited until after Memorial Day (May 26th). On that day Carl discovers that not all of the applications have been completed, he can only find three orientation manuals and the ones he finds are missing some pages, out of the 15 new hires none of them have completed the required drug screen, and the training room has already been reserved for the month of June. While there are ways to solve these problems, Carl does not have any prior examples to work from. By taking in all of the aspects of Carl’s problems: it is understandable why he is panicking.
Finding a Solution
It is very important that Carl keeps a clear head when trying to solve the problems he has encountered. McNamara (2014) provided a detailed list of steps to take when solving a problem. The list is as follows:
1. Define the problem.
2. Look at potential causes for the problem.
3. Identify alternatives for approached to resolve the problem.
4. Select an approach to resolve the problem.
5. Plan the implementation of the best alternative (this is the action plan).
6. Monitor implementation of the plan.
7. Verify if the problem has been resolved or not.
Back in April Carl recruited 15 new employees for ABC Inc. Between then and May 26th only some of them have completed their applications or have their transcripts on file. Carl needs to sort the ones that have blanks in their applications and the ones that do not have their transcripts, from the ones that have everything completed.
Application/Transcript Solution
Carl needs to contact the new hires and have them complete the applications before they can do their orientation. Carl should call up all of the new hires and inform them if they need to complete one or both of those items. By doing this, he is able to let all of the new hires know how important it is that those steps need to be completed before they can complete their orientation, and be hired by the company.
Orientation Manuals
When Carl checked on the orientation manuals: he is only able to find three of the manuals that were made for the orientation training, and they are missing some pages. Carl needs to check out the original orientation manual and find out what went wrong with the ones he has on file.
Orientation Manual Solution
When it comes to the incomplete manuals: it would be best if Carl replaced the missing pages in the three he has, and make twelve more copies of the complete manual. This way he does not have to start them from scratch.
Drug Screening