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Organisation or Education

Chelsea Academy a great secondary school but struggles with one of the most important issues that students disagree on. Detentions.

I wonder whether Chelsea Academy cares more about their organisation or the education of their students. My point of this argument is that everyone makes mistakes in life including the old and young which we therefore learn about and come to a solution to make sure the issue doesn’t happen again. Don’t we? But why is this information blind when it comes to school?

I was late to the academy by 4minuets which is calculated to be 240seconds, realistically 240seconds isn’t that long, Getting back to the point, students services notified me that for being “240seconds late” to the academy I would have to sit a 1hour (Please note these are real statistics).

The 1hour detention was set for Friday and I failed to attend it as I believed it was the wrong punishment to give me. I understand this was a stupid decision to make and I agree that it could have probably been sorted out an easier way. This then resulted in a much bigger consequence. I was then told on Monday morning that I was going to be removed from the school premises and be put “off-site” in the IER which is roughly a 10minuete walk from school to the Worlds End Estate. That’s 10minuetes of my education gone! When you’re a Year 11 student taking GCSE’s time is precious, think of it like you’re doing an exam and you have 10minuets left, think of how much work you can do in that amount of time, quite a lot to be perfectly honest.

I believe that this is a wrong way to treat a Year 11 student who is near the end of their secondary school year, as they are not getting the educational needs they deserve. The educational needs they deserve is exactly what a Year 11 student get in a normal lesson of a school day which is being taught by a qualified teacher the particular subject they are studying. Most of the time in IER you don’t get the work you need to complete instead you waste most of your time doing something less important like doodling on a piece of paper or reading a book which is totally off the topic of the GCSE’s your attaining.

If you haven’t noticed the problem of being 4mins late has affected the student, teachers and staff at Chelsea Academy all because of a misled consequence that was given. Also a student who has been C4’d out of the classroom for being rude, disruptive or for not obeying