Organizational Change Analysis

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Group Project: Organizational Change Analysis paper – 30%
Students will be assigned to work in teams to complete an organizational change
(ExperienceChange simulation) exercise. Each team is then to write a six-page (doublespaced) analysis of organizational change. Content is as follows:

1. Present a description of your experience with the change simulation. Briefly assess the effectiveness of your overall change approach. What worked and what did not work? Why?

2. How does this exercise compare to your real-world change experience?

3. What would you do differently if you were able to start over from the beginning?

As a team, we felt that while we were well prepared to assess and classify the key stakeholders and actors provided in the case, we didn’t dedicate enough time to analyzing the available tactics for implementation. If we were to begin the change process again, we would aim to categorize the tactics in terms of when they should be implemented and how they would be perceived. In other words, we would first delineate the process into four categories (preparatory tactics, implementation tactics, reactive tactics, and closing tactics) and then place each of the available tactics in one of these categories.

Secondly, we believe that ranking the tactics in terms of whether or not they are beneficial, and to what extent they are expected to result in positive outcomes, is critical in order to identify and avoid inappropriate interventions. Assigning a weight scale to each tactic based on pre-determined criteria would allow us to both react quickly to the effects of the change process on staff, while also allowing us to make the most efficient use of our resources (time and money) along the way. During our implementation, two tactics we used that were not well received were sending the Chief of Staff to open beds in General Medicine and the having the CEO give a speech to work harder.

Lastly, we found that we struggled with the best time to implement certain tactics, which degraded our desired impact because our staff became frustrated as a