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Btec Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Assignment 1
Part A– Professional Portfolio

Table of Contents Professional Portfolio 4 Introduction 4 Section 1 4 Section 2 4 Section 3 4 Section 4 4 Section 5 4 Section 6 4 Section 1- Learning Plan 5 Step 1 – Appraisal 5 Where am I now? 5 Step 2 – Planning 5 Where am I going? 5 Step 3 – Development 5 How will I get there? 5 Step 4 – Reflection 5 How will I know when I have got there? 5 Section 2 - Skills Audit 6 Current Job Description 8 Current Curriculum Vitae 12 Section 3 – Learning Styles and Personality types 18 Honey and Mumford Learning Styles Questionnaire (LSQ) 18 Introduction 18 Honey and Mumford Learning Style Questionnaire 19 Myer Briggs Type Indicators 20 Introduction 20 Myers Briggs Type Indicators Survey 21 Reflective Statement on Learning Styles 22 Honey and Mumford Learning Styles 22 Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 23 Section 4 - Personal SWOT Analysis 25 SWOT 25 How to use Strengths or develop my Weaknesses in order to take the Opportunities or overcome the Threats 26 Taking the Opportunities 27 Overcoming the Threats 28 SMART Objectives 31 Objective1 31 Objective 2 31 Objective 3 32 Objective 4 33 Objective 5 33 Section 5 - Personal Development Plan (PDP) 35 Section 6 - Professional Diary 2012/13 38 Week 1 – 18/09/12 38 Week2 – 25/09.12 38 Week3 – 2/10/12 39 Week 4 -9/10/12 40 Week 5 -16/10/12 40 Section 7 - References 41

Professional Portfolio 2012/13 – Chris Mallon


This document details my professional portfolio for the period 2012/13. It details areas of both my personal and professional life to be developed and monitored for the coming year. The document is separated into several sections and is designed to offer structure to my learning objective and ensure focus can be maintained.
Section 1
In order to ensure I remain focused I have added a brief ‘Learning Plan’ to this portfolio. This is a signpost document to remind me of how I will achieve my goals.
Section 2
This details my initial skills audit. It indicates a current list of skills related to my current role. It is not an exhaustive list but rather a list of those skills I consider imperative to my current and future career plans. I have also included my current CV and Job Description within this section.
Section 3
As part of a self-appraisal exercise, I have undertaken both a Learning Styles audit and a Personality Type assessment. From this I have been able to glean an insight into how I currently learn and how my personality type influences this, both on a learning and managerial level. This section includes introductions to each methodology used, the analysis/ results and a reflective statement on the outcome of this work.
Section 4
Section 4 is concerned with a competence based SWOT analysis of my previous and current knowledge, skills and experience. It details my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and includes details of how I expect to address these. I have also included the outcome of this analysis as SMART objectives (Specific Measurable Attainable, Realistic and Time bound.)
Section 5
This section details my professional development plan draft. It indicates those areas of development I need to focus on and how these will be achieved. It is not an exhaustive list of skill I would like to ficus on, but those main ones I currently feel require attention. Section 6
This contains my professional diary and will include all course content, discussions with colleagues and reflective statements throughout the course. It will also detail where I have applied learning to real life scenarios.
Section 7
References - a list of all learning materials used as part of this learning.

Section 1- Learning Plan
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Step 1 – Appraisal
Where am I now? * Desktop Infrastructure Coordinator – see Current Job