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Rebecca Tong Lai Ping 18-11-2009
Counseling Theory and Technique I PSYC601D

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But as I shared in the beginning, I prefer flexibility. The key concept of the therapy is that: the client has the potential to become aware of problem and the means to resolve them. Faith is placed in the client’s capacity for self-direction. Mental health is a congruence of ideal self and real self. Maladjustment is the result of a discrepancy between what one wants to be and what one is. In therapy attention is given to the present moment and on experiencing and expressing feelings.

Person-centered therapy gives most attention to the present, which for me may be too rigid. I have deal with many students’ cases. Transference is so frequent that the young people are not actually behaving normally here and now. A fourteen years old boy had a very confrontative attitude towards me because he hated his mother who beat him with a hanger when he was four. I had to deal with his past and so that he can release his anger.

Goals of person-centered therapy

The goals of person-centered therapy is to provide a safe climate conducive to clients’ self-exploration, so that they can recognize blocks to growth and can experience aspects that were formerly denied or distorted. To enable them to move toward openness, greater trust in self, willingness to be a process, and increased spontaneity and