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Iago’s Wrath
In Shakespeare’s play “Othello”, the author tells the tragic story of Othello and Desdemona. Othello and Desdemona create controversy when people find out they are together since Othello is a Moor and Desdemona is white. A man named Iago takes the controversy as a chance to get revenge from Othello since he is chosen over another man to be his second in command. Throughout the play it is not very obvious to others Iago’s purpose of wanting to cause such evil to Othello and everyone around them, but he gives some hints through his soliloquies and conversations with others that he wanted to get revenge for being chosen over someone else. At the beginning of the play, it is apparent that Iago is unhappy over Othello’s decision of choosing Cassio as his second in command. Iago believed it should have been him due to his commitment with Othello. In Act 1, Scene 1 Iago states “'tis the curse of service, Preferment goes by letter and affection, And not by old gradation, where each second Stood heir to the first.” Iago thinks that Othello chose Cassio due to favoritism because during that time period people were promoted based on years of service rather than by any other means. Othello’s decisions obviously upsets Iago which makes him want to do anything in his power to ruin Othello’s reputation. Iago does not give more reason to why he cause all the trouble to give revenge other than the lies he told others to deceive them as a part of his plan. An example of Iago’s deceit is in Act 1, Scene 3 when he tells Roderigo to “Put money in thy purse” He tells Roderigo that he can have Desdemona once he has dealt with Othello if he helps him carry his plan out but of course Iago does it for his own benefit. Iago does not give any other reason for wanting to bring evil upon Othello and