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Desdemona – inexperience, virginal, idolises Othello unaware of power to influence others. Blonde, crop top – vulnerability??
Iago – opportunist, animalistic qualities (snake arm)
Venue & Staging Form
Ornate intricate decoration
Proscenium arch – focused attention/detail into pub and alleyway settings
Intimate setting – see theatricality/physicality clearly and builds empathy for characters more, close to action has larger impact on audience – able to see small gestures
Lyric Theatre – reputation for presenting modern plays&offensive/hard-hitting content
Theatrical Style
Shakespearean tragedy
Naturalistic in parts
Ensemble nature – conveying harrowing themes
Physical theatre/dance in parts
Frantic Assembly renowned for physical story telling
Style/ Content Terminology
Provocative – provokes thought, mirror to audience
Non linear
Disjointed – lots of light/sound/scene changes, different styles
Stirring – reminiscing ‘her’
Slight feeling of impotence
Novel – audience interaction hen night
Des wears crop top – exposed abdomen; accentuates her beauty and curves and justifies intentions of men
Contrasting – Bianca bra is exposed under yellow vest
Othello wears tight jeans and vest, accentuates huge muscular frame. Military boots show background and contrast from tracksuits
Baggy hoodies show ambiguity and shield identity

Opening – heavy bass, pulsating fast pace – used in fight sequences, communicates sense of energy&excitement to audience
Sensual exchanges between Des and Othello – slower synthesiser
White noise to convey deceitful moments and moral dilemmas?
Timed choreo in direct correlation with music eg. Crashing/thuds
Muffled sounds of pub background activity – conveys ‘their own area’ away from outsiders
Voice/Vocal Qualities
Manipulative, persuasive, intimidating in calm manner
Controlled and quiet with others – voice of reason/assure people he is trustworthy
Mock apologetic when secret revealed
More power – confident/arrogant/conviction
Reassuring tone to bolster othello’s confidence
Low pitch/normal volume
Strong/bold vocals – leadership qualities
Resonant, low pitch
Appealing to those who want to be lead/loved
Compliments othello’s soothing tones – compliments P. Aims of unity between couple
Called ‘whore’ still shows loyalty through being calm and respectful, apologetic
Scottish accent – easily identified
Accentuates gregarious, confident, sociable, outsider/victim
Picked on, manipulated by others – Scottish, short, red head
Emelia (married to Iago)
Northern, ill educated, subservient – knows place but has confidence
Harbours secrets – conspiritional
Cast to contrast with rapport between Othello & Des
House music intro – uplifting, energy, adrenaline, builds expectations
Women in toilet (Emilia and Des) created intimacy/privacy/secrecy:
Brought downstage for audience, actors close together
Voyeur – audience included in secrets
Lights – harsh, bright, clinical light on women, audience in shadows/darkness
- Des – lacking in confidence slumped on cistern; Emelia casually leaning against door
Contrasts with physical scenes w/ fast pace – more reflective, pensive, revealing inner feelings (play deals with more obvious emotions eg. War, dominance, jealousy – masculine
Othello and Des intimate/sensual on pool table
Lights – soft purple hue soft focus
Physicallu – only used surface of pool table focused area on sensuality
Music – lighter mood/tone, acting a light relief/hiatus from fighting & aggression
Cements audience’s perception loving, honest couple
First fight scene
Set moved to reveal alleyway – smooth transition
Lights – dingy, mysterious, secretive 0 main source of light emanated from wall-mounted light
Music - fast paced, drum heavy frantic rhythm to complement energy of fight, climaxed