Other World Essay

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A. What are some of the characteristics of the Other World?

Some of the characteristics of the Other World include dependency on Western powers, delayed modernization, an out of control population growth, and uneven distribution of wealth. A lot of the Other World’s systems are highly dependent on their historical relationships with the Western world. The Other world also historically has a slow rate in regards to technological as well as environmental advances due to poor resources. There is also a connection with the Other World and large populations. This connection is due to the poverty and high birth rates. Lastly the uneven distribution of wealth is a characteristic that can be linked to the population explosion. In Neocolonialism there is no official acknowledgement of colonial ties as it is indirect. Also in neocolonialism, the influence is exercised through the interaction of the dominant nations banking, business, cultural, and military leaders.

C. Describe the differences between colonialism and neocolonialism.

Colonialism is a relationship in which a group of people located in one county is subject to the authority of the people of another country. Authority can be exercised through direct control by the dominant country (colonialism) or through an indirect influence such as neocolonialism. Neocolonialism is the process by which rich, powerful, developed states use economic, political, or other means to exert pressure on poor, less powerful, and under developed countries.

D. What were some of the motivations for traditional colonialism?
The desire to “crusade” was a major motivation for colonialism. The motivation to spread language, religion, and culture. There were also…