Essay about Outline and evaluate research into the working memory model

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Outline and evaluate research into the working memory model

The working memory model was a model comprised by Baddeley and Hitch. This model was designed to show memory which is in use, while tasks are being performed. The model composes of four devices which lead to memory being stored into the long term memory. Firstly there is the central executive. The central executive monitors and co-ordinates all other mental functions within the working memory. The model also comprises of the episodic buffer, the episodic buffer receives input from several sources and temporarily stores the information and then uses it to create a mental episode of what is being experienced. Another element of the model is the phonological loop, the phonological loop encodes sounds in memory, and normally through a maintained rehearsal it preserves the order of that information. Additionally the model includes viso-spatial sketch pad. The viso-spatial sketch pad encodes visual information, such as individual objects or objects in a particular arrangement.

Much research was conducted into the working memory model by other phycologists. This research both supported and suggested weaknesses in the model. Firstly the research conducted by Atkinson (1970) about primary and recency effects, found that first and last items rehearsed by individuals were remembered the most, while ones in the middle were less likely to be recalled. This provided evidence for the existence of the several stores. Secondly