Model questions for Global Marketing Essay

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Model questions for Global Marketing

Outline and discuss the principal causal factors that encourage firms to undertake the international marketing of their products and services.

Cultural and political forces influence international marketing activity. Discuss the impact of these forces and illustrate your answers with examples.

“The global competitor will seek to standardise his offering everywhere” (Levitt). Critically evaluate this view with specific reference to a firm’s international product/service strategy and communications strategy. Illustrate your answer with examples.

International marketing is seen as the strategic process of marketing among consumers whose culture differs from that of the company’s own culture.
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A change in the direction of more homogenisation of needs internationally does not mean that international marketing should be standardised. What factors are likely to limit a firms ability to standardise its international product/service and communication strategies? Discuss and illustrate your answer with examples.

Discuss the main management motivations for going global? How does the philosophy of globalisation differ from multinational marketing?

Discuss the impact of Internet technologies on international marketing strategy.

Discuss the likely effects of technological change, globalisation and information technology on international marketing strategy?

Discuss the major challenges faced by marketers in developing and implementing international marketing plans?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a firm establishing its own distribution in international markets, and what forms might this take? What criteria should be applied when managing an agent or distributor in international markets successfully?

Discuss the competitive advantages (if any) of forming and sustaining mutually beneficial business-to-business relationships in international business markets.

Based on Ghosh’s four levels of Internet commerce, explain how companies could adopt strategies in their