Outline: Mind and Better Student Essay

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How I Become a Better Student Imagination is a remarkable gift. It allows us to escape our present circumstances and create new possibilities in our heads. It gives us a chance to visualize our futures and dream up what we would like to become. To change the way I act I must change the way I think. As an option thinker-a possibility thinker, I must ask myself what habits, attitudes, skills or beliefs I have locked onto that affect my overall performance. In order to change I must learn to think outside my limitations, by creating a big picture to explore all my options available to me and not just those that appear to be available. We all value certain beliefs. Things like, “hard work will get you ahead” and “always tell the truth, no matter what.” These often become unconscious beliefs during the socialization process of our formative years. Habits and attitudes are important because if you change them you also change your perception of yourself. By changing this perception you change your self-image. Sacrifice is a huge part of becoming a better student because successful students avoid temptation, peer pressure and any other outside influence that would lead them astray from their goals and education. Your competitive nature is your driving force to carry you to your success. I was once told that “true competitors always feel in control of their destiny”. Proactive people make choices based on values. They think before they act. They recognize that they can’t control everything that happens to them, but they can control what they do about it. Proactive people take responsibility for their lives i.e. education. Setting performance standards should start as a personal