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For Healthier Eating, Avoid Fast Food

Eric Schlosser’s essay, “Why McDonald Fries Taste So Good,” states “The rapid expansion of McDonald’s and the popularity of its low-cost, mass-produced fries changed the way Americas eat “(pg. 559). Fast food is a global phenomenon and people who consume fast food are becoming obese or overweight. Today, there is a growing awareness that the food we eat affects our health and therefore, our whole life. As, Americans recognize the dangers that these fast food impose on their lifestyle, will they stop eating this? The answer is very simple; these compliment the lifestyle they have. Most people eat on the go, so the drive thru and fast service is the easiest solution. Unhealthy eating habits and the modern sedentary life style have only aggravated the risk factors leading to a health care crisis. Throughout this essay, I will describe the benefits of the setting limits and health plans early in their life to overcome this threat. Making the change to eat healthy is something we must decide to do for our body and health. Changing eating habit may be among the most difficult challenges we have. It requires pressure can be managed simply by changing your diet.will power and self-discipline.
The consumption of so much fast food is hurting all Americans. We have to focus on the benefits of not eating fast food might be more successful in changing our habits. “Young adults who eat frequently at fast-food restaurants gain more weight and have a greater increase in insulin resistance in early middle age”. Those who eat fast food are more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease and cancer. People who eat less fast food suffer from less diabetes and heart disease because they don't gain as much weight and take in as many calories from plaque inducing trans-fats. Hopefully, people will think twice before ordering a Big Mac and opt for Salmon and fresh fruit instead. Making the change to healthy eating is something we must decide to do for our body and health.
Most individuals think that eating healthy is a devastating change. They fail in their mind before they have a chance to change their eating habits. According to John Foreyt, PhD, “Many people are skeptical about changing their diets because they have grown accustomed to eating and drinking the same foods, and there is a fear of the unknown or trying something new.” As an adult we have to take the first baby steps to change our eating habit by making small change in our diet. I know that for everyone is hard to get rid of our old eating habit but we have to be aware the benefits of this change. For diabetes healthy eating can control blood sugar. It can even reduce or prevent complications from diabetes from getting out of hand and possible progressing. You can even lower your cholesterols levels by just eating foods low in saturated fat and Tran’s fat. Also a change in the way you eat can even lower high blood pressure of hypertension. Lowering your salt .A change in the way you eat can even lower high blood pressure or hypertension. Lowering your salt can lower and control our blood pressure. Not only can healthy eating prevent disease but healthy eating can help individuals to manage certain disease. It is important that we develop healthy habits in our family and ourselves. Results include loss of weight, feeling better, having more energy, reducing the risk of certain disease and lowering the cost of the health insurance. Healthy food is important to have a good life. We have to start learning which food is good for us. In our daily diet we need to add fresh fruit and vegetables because they contain many of essential minerals and vitamins that our body needs in order to fight off diseases and to maintain a healthy status. Another reason for adding fresh produce to our daily that it is help to replace or cut down on unhealthy snacks that might otherwise be high in sugar and saturated fats. According to the